photo of tree

teresa hurley

3827 humphrey st

saint louis, MO 63116

i am tree.

yep. that’s me.

my husband and i have been in saint louis since 1997, which is when i first started working at a design firm. i started freelancing for fun in 2006. in 2009, i quit my job & started freelancing full time.

i like to have fun designing for various media and coding for the web. i also like to read about design and programming, help my friends and family, make music, read fiction, cut and color my hair, go to art and music shows, host dinner parties, drink red wine, and grow and eat delicious food.

these guys are not tree.

but that’s ok. i think they are fantabulous! i’m grateful for all of them along with the rest of my family and friends. i cherish — and hope i do a good job of returning — their unconditional love and encouragement.

thanks, guys! you’re the greatest!

sites i designed/developed

used books.
game community.

wine shop & tasting bar.
designers. coders.
designers. coders.
fiber artist
photographer. designer. coder.
jewelry designer/maker.
social media strategist
designer. coder.
designers. coders.